Sweet Dreams are made with ISR G2
What's in your Cloud? (Attention Question).....Sweet Dreams are made with ISR G2 ( Answer is a Closing Statment ) Stating 'This is the only one you need search is over & If they associate the song with the IRS G2 slogan the client hooked & will never f


What's in you Cloud? ( Attention Question)
 Objective make customer think how important it is to make right decision when looking at a Cloud Networks and don't stop their look deeper at what running These Cloud Network, You know make sure to check the engine.
  Insomnia Interviews( What keeps IT people up at night )was the inspiration  for the visual .Think about all the different readings  from that picture,  People will find the meaning that's important to them it's Universal one size fit�s all !
The picture two people side by side split screen both are in cloud environments but they�re not the same.
One hand you have this stressed man running with his work try to keep it safe his clouds are dark and grey theirs no since of security.
 On the other side we have this woman who just woke up out of a really good night sleep not a worry in the world. She knows her clouds are keeping her safe 24/7 even while she slept.
  Sweet dreams are made with the ISR G2;  (Closing Answer) ...(They sing the SD song it's over,Glued on forhead for life)
Objective The ISR G2 will give you peace of mind period, looke no further.
Partner with ISR G2  for your Cloud Network  and feel safe. After that just focus on your company and the Dreams of what you want it to be.
Thank you, Hope you like

Dreams needed for assembley
Objective Get the client to Take action Cisco & ISR G2 are Ready,Tell us were you want it!