ISR Generation Two Router - Be Worlds Ahead - Move into the clouds with Cisco
A futuristic video intriguingly highlighting the ISR - G2s strong points...


     Video/Photo - Scene - a handsome man and woman alone in a data processing office control room  - a worker installs the ISR G2 - turns, smiles and winks as he closes the door and leaves. They activate the router and the scene is transformed to a more futuristic setting - they are now  wearing dark shiny  latex suits with G2 emblems and sit  in a now transfigured computer control room surrounded by colorful touch screen images and equipment.
      The words - Generation Two - Alert - flashes conspicuously on one of the screens  and words 'Attempted Entry').  Outside attack by intruders depicted - camera zooms - the  ISR G2 Router (with a large ISR G2 emblazoned on the top) is centered on the control panel in front of them - it activates and glows - energy pulses outward  - depict attackers being repelled and defeated - shield remains  totally secured.  The couple smile knowingly, hold hands, look into each others eyes, touch the ISR G2 and  are transported  to a richer, more visually interactive 'celestial realm' (clouds) represented by attached Flammarion woodcut.
     The photo representation could be the same good looking couple depicted moving (or being transported) from  the  mundane to a more 'celestial or cloud realm'.

 Title for photo ad (and closing text for video): 'ISR Generation Two Router - Be worlds ahead - Move into the clouds with Cisco'. Sub heading - Total experience - Total security - The Future is Now - with Cisco  - 

(Note: I believe there is already plenty of technical business/office related style ad copy surrounding the ISR G2. - The above may sound like a game station style advertisement aimed at kids, but done tastefully, effectively and professionally,  I believe it could hit home and produce the desired results with the targeted market.  -  IT CEOs, Execs, Managers etc are just as prone to the same underlying NLP themes of Power, Control, Beauty/Sex, Pleasure and so forth, as everyone else.)

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