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Spped for realtime Life.eine Themen bezogenen Kampagne fokuisert nur eine einzige Relevanz - die ZEIT ! nämlich die, die neue ISR Generation wirklich jedem einzelnem User bietet - nicht nur dem CIO


1  HAPPY CLOUDING COMPAGNY ( 1 of endless motifs: Clouds as brain)

an campgne-Idea lot of topics around clouding. Every ad demonstrate another  ISR Generation consumer-benefit  via clouding. 

The multi-choice Claim: "Make your Cloud pretty �.. "  

( some adjectives for example "quick" "save" "rich" "fit" "innotative" "thinking" "colorful" "outstanding" "effective" "low cost"�.)  

rather than the word "pretty, may "proper" is better !?  anyhow, my english is not proper enough,  to find the very best words for all, 

but i hope you understand the cloudy ( not foggy) idea  :-) 

So every benefit is visualized with another unseen - not foggy !!! not slow !!! -  presentation of the cloud.

This kind of grid drawing may help to shape different symbols of benefit.    

The headlines: are always with a new view of the product or service.  Not always questions, but always with a smile and a clear benefit.  

I'm sorry, my time was  to short to finish and correct some more details ( I found out this contest just one night before deadline ;-/ 

2 TIME; TIME TIME ( 1 of endless motifs: Sailingboat )

an campgne-device which can handle every topic of the Product,  in every media and is relevant to even every user.

Because we reduce the 3 Benefits to only one big and Powerfull - Benefit : 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  TIME <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Every IT-Worker and CIO is also an expert in wasting time ;-) smoothness or speed or both together are mostly the timekillers.  

Realtime is a nice word, but � also such benefits "security" or even "budget" are closely related with factor: time. 

But fortunately, the new ISR Generation has enough of this speed , to reciprocate. 

With giving away the relevant benefit > Time  - all know to appreciate . 

So why don't we go one step further? of course, to promise the "wining of  time back"  is like sending all consumer into holyday. But why not? 

is just a symbol, everone will understand.  But it is also a sign that Cisco is understanding and with the consumers. The Solution of Speed is 

great, but the powerfull relevance to all consumer is hidden in the user's personal imagination of Time. 

So the trple "Time" in the Headline  stands for the 3 mainly  Benefits from  the breifing, which get's clearly by reading the copy. Or watching the campaign-Triple videos:-)   

And  the motif in every ad can be everything which as long it is "good  time"  for every human,  IT or CIO , ( like sailing, cinema with the family, or writing a business plan �. :-)  

And now the Claim  is doing the rest, for the job, the realtime business and even for your Life:  


 iI'm not sure about how you understand this double-Meaning  as a joke, may  a cheap joke for english speaking  IT-Workers ?  

what ever it sounds, i wanted to say : realtime and real in reality is mostly something completly different, but with Time ( not speed) we can have both   




anyhow,  i guess it's not so coplicated and a native It relevant writer will find much more better words, which have a nice joke to liefe , too !

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