What is the contest about?

Cisco, one of the world’s largest technology companies, is looking for compelling and exciting ways to communicate the value proposition for one of its most versatile products - the ISR G2 (Integrated Services Router Generation 2). The ISR G2 delivers secure information and communications to your business, a seamless video and rich media experience, and a cloud-ready network, and is in need of a big push in the market place.

This contest will generate ideas illustrating the business value that the ISR G2 offers to IT executives around the world.

Cisco is looking for ideas and comments. To submit an entry or to view ideas to comment, click on the Submit Ideas button. First-time entrants will be asked to Sign Up.


Experts at hand!


Throughout the contest, a panel of experts will support the community on any technical questions as well as details on the target market.





Total Community Awards: $18,000

Karma Awards: 6 Flip Cameras will be given to Karma winners through out the contest.

The concept(s) that is chosen by Cisco at the end of the contest will be receiving $2,000 for their idea.

Project Jury

Awarded ideas