Stanford University, recognized as one of the world's leading research and teaching institutions - more specifically the Stanford Peace Innovation Lab has been working on being able to measure the interactions that occur between two sides of an actual or potential conflict. These can be any types of differences and conflicts and any type of nationality, race, gender, etc.

The Peace Innovation Lab is looking to be able to measure types of technological interactions. Engagement thought technology creates peace data.

The task

A name. The Stanford Peace Innovation Lab wants to know how you all would name these kinds of visualizations - It’s a data map of sorts, but of social, inter-group space, in which geography, group boundaries, and time are just some of the dimensions represented. It’s also like a dashboard or instrument panel to understand peace and conflict better; Or a radar display, to better navigate a social terrain we can only see glimpses of.

You don’t need to be an artist by profession, but you need a good concept. You can also participate by reviewing, rating and giving feedback to the proposed concepts.

This contest is running in conjunction with the Open Zone: Peace 2.0 The Icon..

The Prize

All chosen work will be licensed for a small yet symbolic fee, and will be implemented to promote the effort of finding a way to global peace.

Concepts can be submitted until September 29th 12PM EST.