Hydroponic and low resource farming
Accessible urban farming technique which can be scaled


Urban Food

Observed Trends

Hydroponic farms are catching on as a real alternative to traditionally farmed produce. The advances in this technology is happening fast because vegetables that were once considered not ideal for hydroponics (soil foods like potatoes) are also farmed in this technique.

Your Opinion

1) I am not sold on the ethics of this practice. while they do not specifically use GMO varieties, the nutrient baths or liquids used in farming seem very "chemical" 2) having tried produce grown this way, there is no real difference in smell or taste from regular produce. 3) I do not know if this is a counter trend to organic farming, but definitely seems to be going the other way.

Untapped Potential

While large hydroponic farms exist in cities, there are only a few home / small scale applications available in the market. A facebook group I follow on hydroponics 101 has many users experimenting and DIYing equipment / nutrition mixes. There is a potential to make this accessible to urban enthusiasts who are already interested in ideas of self growing food/ being more conscious of the farm to fork movement.

Optional Visual

A screenshot from a hydroponics group where people are experimenting and looking for support.