CBD on the trend
Are CBD really that "good" for your food?


CBD-infused Foods

Observed Trends

Like MSG (Monosodium glutamate) changing the food taste of the world, CBD infused food also revolutionize the old world food with goodies. For example, CBD infused coffee. We love coffee because we feel good taking it. But adding CMD, is like having more“feel-good” & "extra kick" but, not "too high" or "too much addicted" in our coffee. Nowadays, consumer also really exciting & showing more interest of having CBD-infused food.

Your Opinion

Taking the success of The Coca-Cola Company & Ajinomoto, it seems to be many food company following these step by accelerating their R&D & re-introduce some popular products such as coffee, sparkling water, ice-cream & cookies with CBD-infused, try to make a big earning out of the CBD infused food. These CBD infused food might become very popular that evolve into "killer product" that causing extinction for the original one.

Untapped Potential

Rather than a potential, in my opinion, it is a threat to our food culture. If one day, when every food we eat, or beverages we drink, CBD never missing in it and every food & drink make you feel good, we need to rethink: it is the nature of the food or the CBD elements in it make you enjoy? Will food companies & restaurant enslave our food with CBD, like GMO products & MSG? Will our food losing the authentic taste & essence of it's long tradition & culture?

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Next, the CBD infused food conquering the culinary world. Many restaurant eager & enthusiastic want to introduce it in their menu.

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With CBD-infused food on the rising, we need to re-think our food. In my personal opinion, imperfection, not so nice flavor & taste bad is a part of the food we live & experience. These details make our life much more meaningful, more memorable & touching our heart as well as more appreciation towards the effort of creating each food & meal. "Itadakimasu" in japan means "i humbly accepted the gift of god, no matter how worse & imperfection of it." It is the "feel-good" effect without CBD-infused.