NFL. Nutraceuticals for Learning
Nutrition/Pharma boost for learning


Functional Food

Observed Trends

Among the stumbling blocks to learning, let's focus on two that are internal to the learner: A. Lack of confidence in one's ability to squeeze learning into already busy days, or in one's ability to remember and apply the material/knowledge thereafter; and B. Lack of motivation to learn.

Your Opinion

Raising a person's confidence in his or her own capacity to focus, to remember, to learn, etc can have a cascade effect if the raised confidence prompts him/her to seek learning actively. Why? Because his/her motivation will soon be perceived by co-workers and they too will follow suit - especially if they have access to a "magic pill" i.e. a reason for of self-confidence. Yes, it can become a cascade effect.

Untapped Potential

Potential for cutting-edge scientific research to identify & deliver combinations of nutritional supplements, and safe natural enhancers of mental focus, energy, cognition and learning, through functional foods and snacks. A #NutraceuticalsForLearning ( #NFL ) shift.

In the future that I see, vending machines or Keurig-style dispensers shall provide you with regulated/tracked doses of NFL + Hydration/Snacks.