Probiotics and Prebiotics Basics
Super-powering our body with Probiotics and Prebiotics is the way to go to maintain our good health.


Other (Probiotics)

Observed Trends

There is a trend going on about probiotics that is quite interesting. There is more research done recently in the intestinal flora and there are very good findings about how good intestinal flora maintains good health and bad intestinal flora is directly linked with diseases.

Your Opinion

Is our intestinal flora healthy to receive healthy food? It is becoming increasingly important to maintain a good health and I think the way to do it is through maintaining a good intestinal flora.

Untapped Potential

Wouldn’t be nice to have a mini yogurt that you can drink with the correct dose of probiotics and prebiotics for the day? Perhaps by offering a regular intestinal flora analysis send to a laboratory, the customer would get exactly the correct dose for probiotics he/she needs for his body.