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Food delivered by bicycles have become an inexpensive factor that drives snackification



Observed Trends

Bicycle food delivery method is becoming a huge business strategy for fast food businesses across the world. This is also one of the factors that drives the increase of snackification. Its a cost effective business model for start-ups and established fast food businesses.

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Ecologically, since it solely impacts food demand and supply, it will have little or no negative environmental consequences. The only aspect to be concerned about is the material which are used in packaging the food, which can all be recycled or made biodegradable. Socially its encouraging people to eat out which may or may not be healthy, depending on the dietary or eating habit of an individual. Economically its a powerful generator of internally generated profit (IGP) on a national level

Untapped Potential

  1. The packaging industry should expand output and seek out fast food business for clients.
  2. Also recycling companies that reuse plastics can increase profit by promoting the use of recycled plastics in the components used in manufacturing the delivery bags that are used in delivering the food.

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This is a simple business model to implement, its a simple demand and supply scheme. Its cost effective, easy to run and easy to audit. All players in this model deal directly with each other, which is save for any business where the risk of multiple middlemen is reduced and income is direct.

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Food is a primary need that will always be in demand in all kinds of world scenario both in normal times and in times of crisis such as the world is facing today.