Once in a Lifetime


Frühstarter Music: Massive Attack - Teardrops
Manche Dinge... Music: Monty Phyton - Always look on the bright side of life

i have updated my first submission with footage material, i wish i would have something better with some sportscenes like running and stuff like that but i have found nothing this was the best i could found. I also did some improvements to the sperm now it swims better and he is faster then the other sperms :-) I also have an lighter background i think is better. I put in the first scene an point of view timelapse from matthias "could-be" life. This timelapse is reversed and stops on the point where he is fertilise the human egg, and the starts the story. But on the end is the problem that Matthias has never a chanche to get an life he could have because he has jump the gun. The end title shows the domain. The viewer can go to this website and get all informations about the problem and also an solution. The animation gives the audiance another sensitive perspective to this problem. I think it is a sensitive topic. I think it could be very disapointing problem for men. The story is a bit mercy but could help female persons to understand how difficulty the problem for an men could be. And the men will understand that the problem they have is just more comlex. I hope my explainations was good, i know my english is worse but i do my best.