"Jeverize" your Harley

Design the Jever Harley-Davidson of your dreams!

€10,000prize pool

Design the Jever Harley-Davidson of your dreams!


Jever stands for Frisian lager enjoyment with a hoppy bitterness. No other lager offers this unmistakable taste and thereby represents individuality and a unique character. Like the legendary Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Almost every Harley sold is individualized with special components, colors and designs. Which makes them the perfect match! 

With Germany’s leading Harley customizers Jever has designed its own Jever Harley Edition three times now and given it away, which has always generated a lot of media interest. Now it’s your turn – you are being given the opportunity to create YOUR own Jever Harley Davidson! During previous years Jever has created some breathtaking bikes, but now it’s up to you to top all that and to show everyone how dryly Frisian and individualistic a Harley can be! 


For the fourth time, in 2014 Jever is giving away three customized Jever Harley-Davidson motorbikes – the more spectacular the Jever Harleys that go “on tour” on the big promotional campaign, the better! Your Jever Harley design should be one of these three of the show at large shopping malls and at events like the Harley Days in Hamburg or at custom bike tradeshows. They should impress the media just as much as Harley aficionados, and the design process and the subsequent production phase will be followed live by the 30,000 Jever fans on Facebook. At the big castle party in Jever the Jever-Harleys will be presented to the overjoyed winners of the Jever Harley giveaway. We have already seen grown men cry here in the past – the new Jever Harleys should once again bring tears of joy to the eyes of the winners! 

Task Definition

Design the Jever Harley-Davidson of your dreams!

A Harley-Davidson Softail bike forms the basis of your design idea, a model which offers infinite variations. You can submit your design idea in three categories:

Category A) The roadworthy Jever Harley
Design a roadworthy custom Harley! Take inspiration from the Materials and design all modifiable components of the Softail Harley-Davidson. Everything is allowed, as long as your bike is TÜV-compliant and can be used on the roads. The current world champion in motorbike customizing will be in the jury and sharing his experienced advice with you during the project. He and his team will finalize and build the design idea for the Jever Harley selected by the jury!

Category B) The Jever-Harley paint desig

Paint the Softail Harley-Davidson as you wish and let it shine in Jever style! For your design idea you can use all paintable areas on the bike. Please work only with the Softail Harley model attached in the materials.

Category C) The Fantasy Jever Harley 
A special prize will be awarded to the Harley designs that are so crazy that they cannot be produced – there are no limits here, as long as your dream bike expresses the Frisian brand Jever and blows everyone’s’ minds!  

All Jever-Harley designs should take into consideration the following points:

  • Your Jever Harley must be in the basic Jever colors: green (RAL 6005, Pantone 3435c) and gold (Pantone 8382c). The frame color is Jever green. For technical reasons, different colored structural components e.g. chromed, are of course permitted.
  • At least one Jever logo should be clearly visible on all four sides of your Jever Harley. The logo may not be changed and only the Jever lettering – without the castle – may be used.
  • The use of the Jever geo coordinates 53° 34‘N, 7° 54‘E and the official claims “friesisch-herb” and “Wie das Land, so das Jever” are possible. But we are not looking for new claims and slogans.
  • Defamation of the brand, the use of skulls and crossbones, political, violence-promoting or sexist symbols will not be tolerated.
  • Jever also opposes any references to drinking behind the wheel!

Target Group

  • The target group comes from all income brackets and educational backgrounds, and is both male and female. But the core target group of Jever as a beer brand as well as that of Harley-Davidson is aged 25 plus.
  • The project should appeal to a wider mass than just the typical Harley drivers: those interested in motorcycles, motorcyclists of other brands, people who take pleasure in creative solutions and individually designed items, which aren’t available “off the rack”. 


Your Jever Harley should reflect the character of the Jever and Harley-Davidson fans. They are uncomplicated and authentic, are rough around the edges but stand by their word. They are real guys but not boasters or posers: and the beer takes its inspiration from the landscape, as does the bike. 

Mandatory requirements

  • Only design a motorbike on the basis of a Harley-Davidson Softail bike
  • Please only use the image material of the motorcycles provided: 
    • For category A) The road-ready Harley, please use the image material from the Softail, as attached under materials. The image shown is the base of the bike, which can't be modified. The tires can be freely chosen, the wheel rim and the disk brake can be customized. 
    • For category B) The Jever Herley painting design, please use the Fat Boy Model, also found in the material section. 
    • Please do not use any Motorcycles from the Harley Davidson website. 
  • Please only use design elements
    a) for which you own the complete copyrights
    b) for which you are in a position to pass the exclusive rights onto the client, if required  
    In case b) the third-party design elements should be clearly highlighted 
  • Defamation of the brand, the use of skulls and crossbones, political, violence-promoting or sexist symbols will not be tolerated.
  • Don’t drink and drive – With this motto the Frisian brewery of Jever is demonstrating its attitude to drinking alcohol and driving. We are therefore expressly NOT looking for any ideas featuring associations with drink driving. 

Useful links

Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.


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Hi everyone! I am very excited to be the guide of this great project - and also extremely happy to have such a jury team on board who are experts on the subject matter! Please if you have any questions, send them directly to me in a private message or comment under the briefing - and I will make sure that they get answered! Sooo, who's going to be first to submit their dream Jever Harley? :D BRING IT ON!!

Moin, My name is Christian van Freeden, Brandmanager of „Friesisches Brauhauses zu Jever“, I´ll keep an eye on the implementation of the brand Jever into that bike. We´ve quite an experience building and creating a Harley into a Jever Harley, that has it´s own spirit and character. Every single motorcycle is desirous and a real head turner. I´m excited to see your creativity ignite!

Hi, this is Andreas founder of the world champion of Harley customizing. Have a look at our website, we are able to build any bike, as far as it´s referring to the briefing above. I´m looking forward to work together with you guys!

Hi- I´m Det, Host of german TV show grip, Jever wanted me to join the jury. I love this concept! Grab your chance and design your Jever Harley. Who´ll ever get the chance to let a Bike built by the world champion of customizing? I stay tuned, for sure, Get a grip! - DET

over 5 years ago

Heho! It´s me - Ski King. Kreate your Jever treasures! For sure – this is cool stuff. Rock on! I´ll be back soon.

In this case: Hobby vs. Profession

Is it allowed to create an 3D object for the paint design?

Hi, yes it is.

Great, thanks for the feedback!

Awesome project ! :D .. Just so we don't miss anything, for category A, is it possible for us to have a list of all the modifiable components of the Softail Harley-Davidson ? the things that we CAN change :) .. thank you !!

Just go on and create, We´ll see later what is possible to build.

oh yes... there is some possible!

FRAGE: Wie weit ist den der geneigte Schrauber Gott gewillt zu gehen, bei einer Umsetzung? Z.B. Lenkopfwinkel? Felgen anfertigen lassen? Muss das Abgas- Systhem in jedem Fall TüV konform sein oder kann ich bei eine Kategorie A Einreichung auch was riskieren?

Our "God of Grease" can build EVERY bike. But we want our bike to be on the road, in fact: it has to be ridden easily by almost everyone who´s got a license. You can try to include of topic in Cat A, but keep in mind that we could sort it out, if it´s not conform to the technical regulations of the briefing.

Damn, you're killing me. So many cool projects! I'm afraid I'll have to give up work in order to participate Jovoto!!! =D

Hi guys, Great to see your first Harleys on the platform!

For all of you who aim to design a roadworthy bike: We had a little briefing update to be more precise just on one thing: what can and can't be changed for your Cat.A bikes. The download material for this has also been updated accordingly. "The image shown is the base of the bike, which can't be modified. The tires can be freely chosen, the wheel rim and the disk brake can be customized."

In the Softail download you will find two photoshop files which show the bike from a side view. Each of these 2 files include a layer showing the bike WITH and also one WITHOUT tires. This way you can freely choose if you wish to work with the tires in the template or with those of your choice.

That's all for now, have a great weekend everyone!

Dora can we show it as a 3d presentation? Or are all ideas to be images only?

@szach: no prob 3D is possible.

Thanks Christian

The Softail is the 2013 basis?

and is the softail slim model? for Cat.A

From what I understood we are free to choose the style as long as it is softail.. so any version should do .. since we can design the seats, wheels etc.... Looking forward to seeing urs Adrian.. I am sure it will rock! .. :))

Hey Susan, thank you for the answer! :D Looking forward for your next designs, too. Thank you, hope will rise to yours expectations :D

Hey there you two! All the answers for this you will find in the briefing! The base for your Softail you can find in the Download Material.

The Mandatory Requirements say: "Please only use the image material of the motorcycles provided: For category A) The road-ready Harley, please use the image material from the Softail, as attached under materials. The image shown is the base of the bike, which can't be modified. The tires can be freely chosen, the wheel rim and the disk brake can be customized. "

And the Task Definition says: "Design all modifiable components of the Softail Harley-Davidson. Everything is allowed, as long as your bike is TÜV-compliant and can be used on the roads. "


Hey everyone, Great to see your first Harleys on the platform!

You might have noticed that we have a new section called “News”, to be found next to the “Briefing” button. Here you can get some updates about the project - it's like a separate blog running next to the challenge!

I can only recommend you to take some time and check it out as there's already something going on! As a teaser I can tell you that not only will you get to see some of the earlier Jever Harleys, but you also get to hear one of your experts from the Jury talking! In german. The images speak for themselves though ;)

That's it for now, keep it cool and keep them coming!

Dear Bike'n'Beer Fans,

Thank you for your engagement in Jeverizing those Harleys! As usually midway through a project, we had our first Jury meeting and here I am to bring you the outcome of what they think about your ideas and where they would like you to be heading for the second part of this ride!

In general they love what they see, but also look forward to a lot more coming in the second half. Especially for submissions in the “King Category A”, roadworthy bikes that can be built to bring these beauties to real life!

So please really pay attention to the briefing details such as which bike-model to use for which category and put your bike into the right category accordingly!

Cat A : Make sure you use the Softail bike provided in the Downloads and keep in mind that someone has to be able to ride it on the roads when you work on the details. One thing that is not possible for example is a complete cladding of the bike, because of it’s air cooled motor.

Cat B : Please use the Fatboy Harley provided for your paint desigs! The Client and the Jury know that it is very hard to bring the real feel of a new paint across, without seeing it in real life. This is why it would help a lot if you show us a close-up detail of your vernish design! Although the design is restricted to the Jever brand elements - green, gold and the Jever logo - there’s millions of funcky things one can do with those!

Cat C : Go wild! Nothing to add here :)

A. B and C: As the task itself already says, it’s all about “Jeverizing” those Harleys, so think about how you can include the brand and it’s northern German character and it’s values! There are a lot of details that you can play around with.

That’s it for now, keep those beauties rolling in to the “showroom” and let’s see where they will be heading!

And don't forget to check out the News section as well! http://jever.jovoto.com/blog/posts/halftime-feedback


To expand Cat. B and enable more variations, you are now also invited to use motifs and colors that are representative for the Jever brand! :) (such as: North sea / beach / lighthouse / ... )

To get into the mood check out Jever.de for instance! http://www.jever.de/


Hi..i wanna pitch in too with a model of mine. but, how do i get the software or whatever on to develop this now ?

I mean & how on which do i edit & get it all ?

Hi Viraf! I sent you a private message so we can discuss there how I can help you! So please check your inbox :)

This is in response to a comment by Filip asking what is street legal requirements.. and I also wanted to know .. so I checked and came across this.. it isn't german but atleast some of the rules must be same.. hope it helps.. http://www.chp.ca.gov/publications/pdf/chp888.pdf

Dora.. can we see the ideas split into categories A, B, C.. It makes more sense to compare similar categories and then rate than to compare across categories since the design requirements vary for each type..

Hi szach! Thanks for your suggestion! I believe this ain't a "quick fix" that or developers can provide on the spot -but thanks for your input!

Thanks Dora.. Just was wondering if it was possible... :))

What a pity that all categories are in one entry and one voting procedure. It's a bit like the comparison between apples and pears.

Looking at the price money.. if we add the 1st 2nd and third position money and we divide it into three 1st ranks it makes more sense.. The highest rated of each category can be on these positions... The rest of the positions can be based on overall rank and the money can be the same as 4 downwards.. That way each category will have a winner..

I see a lot of entries for category A and B which use V rod bikes.. How do we compare and rate if there is no standardization between the bikes.. V rods look different from softail bikes.. The effect is different..

After going through all the ideas.. I see many have used softail.. so that's great.. :))

Thanks szach! For both category A and B the bikes are in the Download Materials. If you see anything different please feel free to comment directly under the entry - that's super helpful for all! Thank you :)

Will do Dora.. Thanks.. :))

Wollte nur mal nachfragen, ob bei diesem Wettbwerbe von Zeit zu Zeit auch ein Monitoring stattfindet? Ich glaube das könnte nicht schaden.

Hi Sibylle! Yes I have been working on that the past 2 days already a lot. And there will be of course more to come.

The brief said that we should not use the skull. =) But on one of the photos that you have given us in the materials for the work depicts a charming skull =) I hope this is normal?

Hi Elina! What do you mean exactly? The skull on the wall in the background on one of the pictures?

I see - What about it? :)

Dear readers and fellow riders, It's the final countdown! We have reached the last few days of the submission phase in this project - which ends on Thursday! So put on your sunglasses and leather jackets and let's give it another push until the end! Please make sure you submit every bike you're working on and finish working out every detail on time. Let's give it full gas!

its a bit hard to get into the places 1-10 if you can't render.. it would have been better if the 3 different categories (A,B and C) would have been seperated also in voting.. i guess places 1-10 are the rendered bikes from category A and bikes in category B have no chance.. a pitty..

Let's see the end result first :)

I felt so too. I am reposting a comment I made earlier.. Looking at the price money.. if we add the 1st 2nd and third position money and we divide it into three 1st ranks it makes more sense.. The highest rated of each category can be on these positions... The rest of the positions can be based on overall rank and the money can be the same as 4 downwards.. That way each category will have a winner.. Dora is it possible?

Hey Szach, Thanks again for your ideas! We already have the Jury Prizes to reward the Best of each category - judged by our expert Jury (see above).

I realize it's a bit too late, but i think this comes very useful when modelling/designing a Harley bike:


It really helps you to get a better understanding of the motorcycle components and it's also fun to play around with :))

Thanks John.. still useful to see what parts look better on the harley.. :))

Thanks John! That is indeed very interesting and useful!


1 DAY LEFT!! Bring it on!

ChristinWeller is right (A,B and C) should has seperated voting.

A. Should have and 3d complete bike prize and one that is not 3d. Also have design category , novice and pro.

B. Should have and 3d complete bike prize and one that is not 3d Also have design category , novice and pro.

C. Should dose not need an 3d price , but should have category , novice and pro.

  1. Some designers work faster, some work slow , its not fear that one can vote in the Submission period, the one that works faster will always have more days to get more votes, then one that work slower.

  2. Make it so that one can see the design. but you can not vote on it unitil the Submission period is over. Then everyone will have the same time for voting.

  3. Also one sholud not see the name of the designer, because people that are here for an long time will have alot of firends on jovoto, they can always ask for more votes or they can just send an PM and ask them to vote. Every designer that has his design in one competition should not have his network list or be abel to send msg to others.

  4. beacuse on what i wrote on number 3 i think (there is no point to Community prizes) 3 prizes to Community prize max , the rest a jury can decid.

5.Would be great if you can make so that you have an category for designers, remember that every designer here is not at the same level.
Just look at the top 20 they should be in there own category. its is not fear voting when you see an pro 3d model of an harley and later you see one basic sketch in photoshop. and then think well( ..hmmm..) how is going to get the top vote.

This is the reason why you should always put on customers choice.

I get along well with it.

Hi Darko! Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions!

The space under the briefing is really only for project related questions, for general ideas on jovoto you can open up a discussion at our support centre (http://support.jovoto.com).

The idea with "separated voting" would have been indeed good for this specific project (in others we don't have categories), but as it wasn't a quick fix (as mentioned earlier here) it was not really considerable. Therefore we have the Jury Prizes - as you see above - to make sure all the Bests of each category get a reward for their great work - judged by experts! (just like Aris said)


You were fast! I will have a deeper look at all submissions after the deadline :) Maybe there are some changes and updates.

lol.. guess what?? i thaught this is the end of voting period LOOOL... but its startet right now haha so i also have enough time to have a second look

Jovoto's thanks, Thanks Jever, Thanks the Harley to Davidson for this excellent competition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You :))

So that was it, the submission phase is over now. It's so cool to see over 100 Jever Harleys in here!! You guys rock! Thanks to every single one of you who participated!

And now: it's voting time!

...and please guys have a look at all submissions once again. There are so many updates and furthermore cool submissions behind the top 20 ;-)

yes, please do so!

Only one day left to leave your vote for your favorite and less favorite designs! There have been indeed some great updates at the end of the submission period - so make sure you have looked trough them since again and leave as many ***s as the bikes deserve in your opinion! :)

Hey Dora, Great Contest. Really enjoyed getting the chance to work on a Harley Design. There used to be an option for viewing only unrated ideas? Has this disappeared? I tend to submit ratings only in the rating period is over when I know concepts have finalised. The feature of only viewing unrated ideas was really really helpful when rating large number of designs.

Hi Turk! Yes we had a platform update so it might be confusing at first. If you are in the idea overview, under the big "Ideas" button there's an option : Filter by - "All" or "Not rated".

Cool, cant see it on my tablet browser but just found it on the desktop browser and then ran out of time, Oh well. I think I got through more than half the ideas earlier in the week. Good luck everybody some great designs in this comp

incredible works here!!!! was really hard to vote! congrats for your cool designs!!!


I agree! ;) Great job all! Seems you didn't only "Jeverize" some Harleys but also some community members :))


When is "soon"? Can't wait for the final results ;-)

"Soon" really is soon! Prepare for next week.. ;)

Thx all for this great comtest!

Congrats to all the winners - you all did an amazing job!! :))

Btw... it's really unbelievable... all TOP 6 ideas have 9.3 points. What a close race! phew :)))

congrats to all of you winners!!! what a race!

Congrats to all the winners.. .great contest.. :))

Congrats to all community winners from my side too, you did a fantastic job!

But this project did not end here yet as you know! And I have some exciting news :) Ladies and gentleman, I have the pleasure to announce that the facebook voting for the absolute final winner of the project, THE ONE Jever Harley that will "come to life" starts TODAY! You might be interested which bikes made it into the final six, so I won't keep you waiting. Here's how it looks like, the finalists (in no particular order) are:

**- 033 by Aris ! - Barebone by FilipGavril ! - Jever - Harley by Tim_Kerp ! - Friesisch - Herb by jkretz ! - The Beach Thing by sidata ! - Green Arrow by ferdinand_y !


This is going to be a tough one, but if you are in Germany, make sure you leave a vote for your personal favorite within the next few days here: https://www.facebook.com/jeverfriesischherb/app\_1417960265087837 ( you can only participate from Germany unfortunately )

Good luck to all and let's see which one will be THE ONE!

WOW! Congrats to the final six from categorie A!!! What about the other two categories? Do you know something about B and C? :D

As soon as I will, I will let you know :)

Hi Dora.. Sorry to bring this up but the slide for my idea BareBone is not one of the last update. The order got messed up I guess after the monitoring. The last update is (now) slide 2 and 3 actually... was that intentional?.. thank you :)

Big congrats to the final six and good luck!

Hi Filip! Really this happened? It was not intended. I could change that order for you back if you wish..

and when will each category winner announced ?

Ladies and Gentle bikers!

The time has come, I am very pleased to announce the WINNERS of Category B (Paint Design) and C (Fantasy Harley)!

*drum rolls*

So here they are!

Huge congrats to Redhead for the best Paint Design with "The Ocean" http://jever.jovoto.com/ideas/31468

AND to guzangga for creating the best Fantasy beast with "The Juggernaut" http://jever.jovoto.com/ideas/31314 to which the Jury only refers to as "If Batman would drink beer"! :D

Great stuff guys!

Congrats! Redhead and Guz :))

Congrats! Super :)


big congrats... awsome contest!!!

I totally agree, a lot of great submissions!!!

Congrats! Aris.. :))

Wow! You WIN! https://jever-post-contest.herokuapp.com/ Congratulations! This is really cool! But the other bikes and designs are also good! Congrats to all of you! :D

Ladies and gentlemen,

We have a winner!! I am happy to now also announce that the bike "033" by Aris http://jever.jovoto.com/ideas/31124 one of the first designs in this project, is the chosen one that is going to be built in real life! WOW, what a ride.. HUGE CONGRATS and thanks for everyone involved for making this a great project!


thanx man!

Hey everyone!

It was a while ago this project was running but I wanted to let you know about an opportunity similar to the Jever challenge. At the moment we just launched a crowdstorm with Sparda Bank. They're inviting product designers to create a bench (“Bank” in German), that will function as seating in the bank as well as the key visual for the next bank's campaign. This is an excellent for your skillset! Check out the project hereand feel free to ask any questions under the brief.

Hope to get to see some of your ideas in there!

Best, Dora