jever harley with color changing paints


jever harley with color changing  and special paints... see the links.. difficult to replicate ..The color changes depending on the view 
silver green - see the video
gold silver
suggested finishes
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Details. green color shifts to silver, gold to silver tec
Large bottle in front , small bottles in the back, location co ordinates in the fork and also freshen herb
small hops green color near the front fork
Jever gold lettering
Jever stash box at back made to look like a jever railway wagon.For keeping licence etc .. removable
Mufflers made to look like the top of bottle
The bottle cap fluting effect around the lamp in the front
The hint of blue in the effects is inspred by the sea near jever. 
The gold is the beer and the label. The sparkling gold flakes is the bubbles.. 
Green is Jever green

Which category does your Jever Harley idea belong to? - Category A) Roadworthy Jever Harley - Category B) Jever Harley paint design - Category C) Fantasy Jever Harley

A) Roadworthy Jever harley and B) Jever Harley paint desugn

What technical details make your Jever Harley special?

Color changes on angle of viewing and special paints

What design style does your Jever Harley have?


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