Gus & Adry Jever Bike
I understand too late the rules of the design contest, because the design no its with sofatail frame


GUS AND ADRY JEVER BIKE.Sportster ironhead engine with modified original frame like a guzzi cafe style designs by Gus and Adry Vidiella Paint by Gus Vidiella (My father).

Which category does your Jever Harley idea belong to? - Category A) Roadworthy Jever Harley - Category B) Jever Harley paint design - Category C) Fantasy Jever Harley


What technical details make your Jever Harley special?

GUS AND ADRY JEVER BIKE.Sportster iron head engine original frame modified gas tank like a guzzi style rear tire 180 , front tire 150 exausht racing, monoswingarm, springer forks with caps, disc brakes perimeter, air filter its like a bottle of beer Jever, frame in chrome.

What design style does your Jever Harley have?

Cafe Racer Style

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