Jever Bobber
A classic bobber that never goes out of style. Just like a fresh Jever.


Both Jever and Harley-Davidson are traditional brands, established more than a century ago. And they are both the best at what they do. That's why I thought the perfect way to match the spirit of both companies would be a genuine bobber-style bike without overdoing the Jever theme. People should actually want to ride it and not just take pictures.

That's what this bike is all about. Stripped down to a minimum, it embodies power and freedom. Details such as the frisco style tank or the custom z-bar make classic motorcycle enthusiasts dream of the good old times. The Jever Bobber is authentic from the headlight to the rear fender.

Beer to the bone.

Which category does your Jever Harley idea belong to? - Category A) Roadworthy Jever Harley - Category B) Jever Harley paint design - Category C) Fantasy Jever Harley

A. If you would add turn signals and all. Otherwise C.

What technical details make your Jever Harley special?

The bottle-shaped mufflers and air cleaner. The classic fish scale paint job depicting dozens of Jever crown caps. The actual Jever bottle cap that is the gas cap.

What design style does your Jever Harley have?

The name says it all.

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