ride with pride
iconic motorcycle meets iconic beer


Jeverizer is dramatically sophisticated from the original soft tail harley. 

The gas tank is remarkably airbrushed into a transparent beer tank which adds fuzziness and freshness to the harley. 
Meanwhile, the seat is recolored into what we usually familiar with, the earthy, calm, and luxurious, Beer Barrel.
The headlamp, front, and rear fender are inspired by jever beer label to justify the glossiness, DNA, and brand identity of Jever.
The Rim, on the other hand, shines in beautiful contrast with the fender. It is airbrushed into rich gold color.

Which category does your Jever Harley idea belong to? - Category A) Roadworthy Jever Harley - Category B) Jever Harley paint design - Category C) Fantasy Jever Harley

Category B - Jever Harley paint design

What technical details make your Jever Harley special?

bubble airbrush on the petrol tank and bolds

What design style does your Jever Harley have?

old school contemporer

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