Jovoto Portfolio Awards 2015

A call for creative talents worldwide.


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Hi guys! I am unable to wait for your (awesome) projects!! Don't hesitate to ask me if you require any further information

Dear Adele, from the brief it is not really clear if we should submit work that was created only in 2014 or we can submit work no matter the date. Can you make any clarifications about that? Are we disqualified if our work is older than 2014? Thanks

Dear Sebastian, You can submit a project from 2013 if it is remarkable :)) Yours, Adèle

I have a concept but what is about the use of company logos?

Hey Aris! Your interest in this project is super great... but you're already part of the private layer, so you can't submit your ideas. Sorry!

almost 6 years ago

Awww, I would really love to take part but I'm already there. So I'm really excited what we'll get so see! :))

Yes, me too! :))

is this only for them who are not on jovoto yet?

Dear Christine!

This project is an exclusive chance for creatives that are not yet part of the jovoto private community. If you are already part of jovoto.private you can not submit – but please warmly welcome the new creatives or invite your friends or collegues to start a great journey, together. = )

Yours Jesko

Welcome to this project from the Jury side as well! We are curious and excited!

Ah ok ... understand ;)

ah ok... thats right ;)

If you still want to take part of this project, you can comment and vote ideas :))

Hey Adèle! Your first project! Cool! I wish you fun and good conversations ;)

Thank you :)) I am very enthusiastic about this project!

Warm? It will be hot ! :-)

hello.. how many works we can submit ? and is it only from 2014' project or we can submit from previous years ? many thanks Adèle..

Dear Raymond Simandjuntak,

you can submit up to 10 submissions of your work samples. – And if there´s something outstanding that you created in 2013 feel free to present it. = )

Yours Jesko

So, I could upload graphic projects and/or photography, too? That's great.

I have another question: because I make design of Windows GUI, with a lot of programs/apps icons, may I use it here? Or maybe it will be some kind of advertisement...

Dear Karmen, If you can show your work in public, feel free to share any great work you've been creating

Dear Bert, Thanks for your quick answer!

Yours, Adèle

Wow! Sooooo many breathtaking stuff in here! Awesome work! I'm curious what's comming up the next days! :)))))

Just uploaded my latest project as submission. It is currently being launched on my portfolio in stages. But the feedback on Instagram, Twitter, and on my portfolio has been amazing so far! I hope that you will enjoy it as well. Cheers from Düsseldorf!

Dear Kenneth,

First of all, thank you! We truly appreciate your motivation and commitment! May I remind you that this project is a great opportunity for creatives to jump into the private contest... And you probably know that you are already in :)) I am really sorry but I will have to take down your submission. You still can take part by commenting and rating ideas and warmly welcome new creatives

Yours, Adèle

Before to upload my proyects I want to ask why members of private layer can be part of this contest?? A bit unfair!

Dear Sebastian,

They shouldn't be part of this contest, and I'm waiting for responses before removing their submissions, so it's taking a little while in some cases

Can't wait to see your outstanding works!! :))

Yours, Adèle

Great illustrations here!!!!! I have checked a few, there are more!!! I will be checking everything!!! Great contest, all the best for everybody!!!! =D

Hello! how many works we can submit ? You write for other Creatives, we can submit 10 works...this number is the number of photos, or the number of works (with more than one photo of the work)? and we can submit work from previous years ? for example 2013? Thanks a lot for your answer! :)

Hello krk. You can submit another 9 ideas after you have submitted one. So it´s NOT the number of photos. And yes! As Jesko mentioned you can submit work from previous years too.

Perfectly right! Thanks Bert for your help!

Sounds interesting! :))

hi im pravin just uplaoded 3 of my works after sending more 7 works how many days i should wait

Dear Pravin, Thank you for sharing your great work with us! I go back to you in private message. Yours, Adele

Hello, I have a question: What happens when I send you works I made for some clients? I already have licensing agreement with them (in most cases, I have the "Urheberrecht" and they have the "Nutzungsrecht"). I cannot allow other persons tu use the works in any way. So my question: what exactly do I allow jovoto to do with the works by submitting them?

Dear doro,

thanks a lot for asking! Indeed a relevant question. Of course you keep all rights of your submission. But please only share and upload work that you are allowed to show publicly.

In case you need a more detailed answer or still have questions – I will PM you.

Yours Jesko

Hey guys! :)) The submission period is now over. I really thank you all (who submitted, rated and commented). Guiding this project was an amazing experience for me an I really liked it (hope you too!!) Project is not over, let's rate !!! :))

Cheers, Adele

I'm having problems with the rating stars, sometimes in some proyects they doesn't appear, i don't know if anybody else have that problem!. Thanks for the guide by the way! Cheers!...

Thanks for your feedback Alvaro, let's see that in PM! Yours, Adele

Good luck all! :D

Good luck for everybody!!!!!

Dear All,

After having a look at all ratings and doing rating monitoring to ensure fairness within the ratings – we are now happy to announce the community winners!!

BIG CONGRATS TO • Jmpzonecreativedavidecarr

We will now set up the Jury Meeting to announce the Jury winner as soon as possible, too. And of course keep you updated.

A big thank you to everybody taking part! I want to tell you that what you showed us is outstanding! And for myself, being part of this project was amazing. I really hope you enjoyed it too.

You guys are awesome, thanks a bunch for everything!! :))

Best, Adele

Big congratulations guys! :)

Jury prizes ???

Sure! We will now set up the Jury Meeting to announce the Jury winner as soon as possible, too. And of course keep you updated.

Yours Jesko

I unfortunately, saw this project quite late and I'm new to Jovoto. Please consider me for any future projects.

Hi everyone,

We are happy to announce this year's Portfolio Awards Jury Winner. Congratulations to cernulois and his brilliant idea "Handle Barsket"!

You can go ahead and read our blog post about the winning idea here.

We are still stoked with the amount of amazing submissions. Thank you all and see you soon in some jovoto project! :)