Great design can save humanity!
A collection of architecture and art work from the past few years showcasing emergent design ideas.


These list of design ideas question existing ideas and strives to find better and more efficient ways of making society better (even though better design is not always efficient and efficient design might not always seem to be better for some).

What was the task for the work you show here?

eSCHEMATOR APP: Design an app that help people chose furniture layouts for unique spaces. SNUB CUBE: A deployable tent that can plug into your IPhone to livestream movies on opening night. UC MERCED PROJECT: A campus building design that's contextually functional and ecologically performative. DIWY PROJECT: Design a Do-It-Yourself DIW sex robot, called DIWY, or, Do-It-With-Yourself that showcases the art of expression. DUNK PROJECT: Dreamers on the bench. CPP PROJECT: Image of shadows.

What was your unique idea?

Juxtapositions: Snube Cube (Movie + Tent + Deployable); Merced Project (BIM + Energy + Site); DIWY (Art + Sex); Dunk (Action + Reaction); CPP (Architecture - Convention)

Is the work you present here originally and genuine made by you?

Yes: I am the sole author of the composition of the projects presented here.