A transport glider for rural regions using sun heat and photovoltaic.


The heated air under a big sail, coated with solar heat panels and photovoltaic films, operates as boosting power to lift up the system. In principle the structure runs as a directly operated ballonet. A network on the bottom side serves as a stabilizing structure and contains all control parts for the navigation system. Powered by photovoltaic energy, it delivers all informations about postion-fixing and the directions to pilote the booster safely to the target-location. Flying in low altitude, an attached container includes all requested goods for the client.

What was the task for the work you show here?

To develop a simple machine that can replace the destroying trucking in rural regions to prevent them from the negative aspects of environmental destruction we observe in metropolitan areas.

What was your unique idea?

To combine very simple and sustainable elements to replace a devastating transport infrastructure.

Is the work you present here originally and genuine made by you?


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