SCHOTT Ceran® worldwide campaign
4 explanatory stop motion animations for and about SCHOTT ceran.


_____ Click on the first 4 picture to start the videos! ______ //

Shanghai Berlin commissioned Ollanski & Cris Wiegandt to produce a worldwide SCHOTT Ceran® campaign consisting of 4 explanatory stop motion animations. //

The video series of explanatory videos for this worldwide SCHOTT Ceran® campaign is available in German, English, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Mandarin.​ //

All the crafts are made out of paper: from the tiny rice corns to the technologies under the cooktop.

What was the task for the work you show here?

My task was to head art direction and paper engineering on our team.

What was your unique idea?

Paper engineering patterns, paper crafting techniques, colorways and set styling.

Is the work you present here originally and genuine made by you?

Client: SCHOTT Ceran® / Agency: Shanghai Berlin / CD: Dana Kreidt / Produced and Directed by Cris Wiegandt and Ollanski / Art Direction: Ollanski & Cris Wiegandt / Stop Motion: Cris Wiegandt, Elfriede, assisted by Ollanski / Senior Paper engineer: Ollanski / Paper crafts: Cris Wiegandt, Elfriede, La Mirasola / Compositing: Iara Guedes, Amrei Andrasch, Cris Wiegandt / Photography: Felipe Campos, Rod Di Sciascio / Sound Design: Tilmann Jarmer

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