Logo design identity Project


The client came to me and said "look, we are twins and we are making business; but we don't know what our face is going to be...we want something that reflect us but which can encapsulate many other business branches, a conglomerate feel, professional, serious and showing our expertise in doing business and consulting. Our names are beginning by F, and we want a name 2F (which is us) & Co (standing for company or conglomerate."

What was the task for the work you show here?

Clients are twins. They insisted on the fact that they want to be symbolised by the identity. So, in the sketching and brainstorming process, I kept that in mind. A mirror is best representing identic sides, the reflexions were interesting to play with. After many nights sleeping on these ideas, something interesting popped out.

What was your unique idea?


Is the work you present here originally and genuine made by you?

yes it is.

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