ALEXANDER DELGADO DESIGN Graphic Design - Logo / Branding Tagline
GRAPHIC DESIGN - LOGO / BRANDING TAGLINE original typography element favorite color(s) and font(s)


Iconic logo design, clean and crisp name representation with a sans serif font, continuing on to similar representation in function of firm, followed by the tagline, indicating market value proposition with subliminal reference back to the icon.

What was the task for the work you show here?

Design a personal logo with corresponding tagline, which expresses our client service values of productivity (capacity), performance (commitment), prominence (charisma), prodigiousness (creative character), precision (consistency), and profitability (commercial conceptualization and communication).

What was your unique idea?

The A and D as original typography create a fruit (representative of productivity, augmented by the presence of four colored seeds - color requirements - focusing on reproduction potential - commercial viral expansion). The tagline identifies innovation and intuition in design, with "applying" as the instigator framing the tagline with A and D, the first and last word of the tagline, referencing the name subliminally and establishing an anchor of solidarity, structure and definitive confidence.

Is the work you present here originally and genuine made by you?

Proprietary original work Licensed font use © Copyright secured