Ricola Story
A story about Ricola characters which are trying to go back into their animated world very quickly.


The story starts in my living room where Ricola characters are trying to find the Ricola box.Then they went into my room and they started to play with various objects like a glue tube and an mp3 player.But suddenly the O character saw their enemy which was a cat.Obviously they got away quickly until they found that box.They got a lot of luck because they got into the Ricola box.Unfortunately they arrived in a wrong place (an island).

What was the task for the work you show here?

The main task was to create something different than others.So I thought that it was a great idea to make something between comics and magazines.

What was your unique idea?

The unique idea is this combination between animation and reality.Also that thing with between comics and magazines.

Is the work you present here originally and genuine made by you?

What i've uploaded here is 100% original even the picture with an island.

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