Synergia music video


The cellist Federico Puppi and the dancer Federica Posca perform on stage.

What was the task for the work you show here?

The video was entirely shot in our studio. We designed petals with particle system and composed them around the dancer. The soundtrack was composed by cellist Federico Puppi and recorded at the studio of ZoneCreative. The choreography was created by dancer Federica Posca. The art direction belongs entirely to ZoneCreative.

What was your unique idea?

We wanted to create a visual connection between dance and music overturn the creative workflow. Synergy is represented by petals generated by music and conducted by dance. We asked to Federica Posca to create a choreography without melody imaging to control the petals then Federico Puppi composed an original soundtrack inspired by the dance.

Is the work you present here originally and genuine made by you?

Yes, it is.

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