Adde Furniture
Modular furniture assembled from several base modules and with different kind of accessories.


Adde is furniture that seeks to clear the floor area , so it can be fixed in the upper parts of the walls or ceilings , perfect for small spaces where storage space is compromised. It is assembled from several basic modules , a cubic wooden slats structure with slits where different surfaces or accessories like racks , doors, panels or rails, slides. Generating infinitely possible combinations, depending on the size of the space or the users lifestyle.

What was the task for the work you show here?

Design a modular furniture using Masisa materials and measures, such as MDF, melamine, wood...

What was your unique idea?

It is a modular furniture that is made from different modules that adapts depending on space and functional needs of the user , not just a single module that is repeated infinitely .

Is the work you present here originally and genuine made by you?

Yes. A design for Masisa contest 2014