jovoto Portfolio Awards 2016

An open call for creatives worldwide to show off their best creative work.

€2,500prize pool

An open call for creatives worldwide to show off their best creative work.


jovoto connects creatives from all over the world with international brands and NGOs to solve their challenges and work on innovative tasks. We create opportunities and reward creative talent, which is why we’re eager to see your most impressive work.

jovoto was created so you don’t have to climb the ladder of traditional creative work environments, or wait for the spotlight to find you, for your work to be recognized. Following up on last years success, we once again invite all jovoto creatives to submit their best creative work.


Inspire us and the jovoto community with your best work. Connect with other talented professionals and get recognition for your work. All outstanding creatives will be directly invited to the jovoto private layer.

Once a member of the private layer, you gain access to even more projects on jovoto with top global brands such as Audi, Victorinox, Coca Cola, Deutsche Bank, Greenpeace, and Unicef. As a part of the private layer of jovoto, you also have the opportunity to participate in our Pink projects where creatives work in a curated group and receive a fixed payment.

Task Definition

Submit your most inspiring and impressive work to gain feedback, attention, and the recognition you deserve. Provide a short summary or some background information about your work.

Graphic Design, Branding, Campaigns, Industrial Design, Product Design, Service Design, Illustration, Architecture – all creative fields are welcome!

Target Group

The jovoto jury and your fellow creatives from all over the world!


  • Innovative
  • Professional
  • Talented
  • High level of skill
  • Impressive
  • Passionate

Mandatory requirements

  • To ensure your invitation to the private layer, submit more than one project so we can see the range of your talent and work.
  • Please add a short description to help us understand your work.
  • Only submit your own, original work. If submitting a collaborative project, please detail the extent of your participation.
  • There is no guideline as to whether you depict the content with photographic or purely graphic elements. But in both cases you should only use images for which you own the full copyright.


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Dear Creatives of the World,

We are very happy this year again to be hosting the jovoto Portfolio Awards. Last year was a blast, with lots of new members joining the jovoto private layer and stunning artists featured on our blog and Facebook page.

What do you need to do? Whether you are a jovoto member or not, whether you are in the private layer or not – everyone can participate. Upload your best work (the more recent the better) and, go ahead, upload more than one piece of work – the more submissions the better, so that we can see the range of your talent. If we like it, and you are not in the private layer yet, you will receive an invitation from us. Verifying your jovoto account (or having a verified account) will increase your chances, by showing us that you are a fair creative who wants to be part of a safe and professional creative environment.

Have fun showcasing your talent and interacting with the rest of creatives. And if you have friends who might be interested and interesting, send them over and have them participate as well.

Let's get this started! For any questions, I am here. :) Diana

Hi Diana,

I create Travel videos to promote tourism. I recently finished a big project covering the whole Silk Road (18.000 km) and got some recognition in festivals and the travel community. Can I apply with this kind of videos?

Here is a link:


Dear Nicolas,

Surely you can apply. Welcome to jovoto, by the way! :)

Hugs, Diana

Please show me how to fill out the forms for my latest alternative energy concept: I successfully applied for a US provisional patent on 02/29/16 for "A Contra-Rotating, Vertical Axis, Helical-Bladed Wind Turbine." Thank you.!1896&authkey=!AGH01-rkTzNjc6Y&v=3&ithint=photo%2cgif

Hi Darin,

Thank you for your comment. I am not sure I fully understand what you mean. I will contact you via PM (private messaging).

Cheers, Diana

Dear creatives,

Thank you to everyone who has submitted their best work. It is wonderful to see beautiful work from all the corners of the world, and on very diverse topics. And I am excited about the remaining 6 weeks!

I see that you have already started voting. Please keep in mind to following important basic rules for voting on jovoto: – Voting is something personal and only for your eyes. – Exchanging votes is not okay (I give you a high score if you give me a high score) – Bashing is not okay (giving a good idea a bad vote) 
– If you have friends on the platform and you find it hard to be objective, it’s better not to rate their ideas. – Rate using the full scale from 1-10. By giving a diverse range of ratings you broaden the range of ratings and use the full spectrum and power of the rating system. – The more you rate the fairer the result – more people more opinions. Broader spectrum. 
– Always be fair and objective! Rate the ideas, rather than the people who submit them. 
Unfair (cheating) votes will be anyway annulled during the Monitoring phase and you'll be risking the capacity to vote again.

To read more on rating, go here.

All the best from Berlin, Diana

Dear Creatives of the World,

What makes an awesome portfolio that actually wins clients?

With the ongoing Portfolio Awards, we thought that now would be a great time to put together a powerful, step by step guide to help you create the perfect portfolio. Click here to read part 1 (out of 2) on our blog.

Many thanks to our guest writer, James Brooks! And if you are a great copywriter, blogger, storyteller or author yourself, and you want to inspire a community of 80.000+ creatives worldwide, send a sample with your writing to Olof at We are always on the lookout. ;) And, of course, you will be compensated for your work.

See you soon with part 2.


Hey Diana, is it allowed to upload more than one project to apply for the award? I've difficulty in deciding for one work of art, because I've got a lot :) Thanks for response.

Dear telisoma,

It is possible and we encourage you to go ahead and upload more than one project. The best is if you upload each project as a different idea (submission). In this way, you don't need to pick only one. And, it makes it easier for us to see your talent.

Good luck! Diana

Hi everyone,

Part two from "How to Create a Portfolio That Wins You Clients" is here for you. Learn how to successfully curate & design your portfolio – step by step.

If you have tricks & tips or your own experience on that, which you'd like to share with the other creatives, the comment section below the blogpost is just right for that. Enjoy!

All the best from Berlin, Diana

Thirteen days left, and so many gorgeous submissions already. It is a pleasure to look at them, and to read the feedback from the fellow creatives in the Comments section.

I am beyond curious what the last almost 2 weeks will bring. Don't forget to verify your account and reap the benefits that that will bring you on jovoto.

Have a great evening! Diana

Hi everyone,

There are only five days left to submit your best work in the jovoto Portfolio Awards 2016.

Good luck! Diana

This is it – these are the last 24 hours to submit your best work in the jovoto Portfolio Awards 2016. Get to showcase your work and win one of our many prizes and access to the private layer of jovoto where the best 10% of the talent of jovoto is.

tic tac ... :)

Hello creatives of the world!

In just 3 hours the Submission period ends. If you have more ideas to upload or to make changes to your current submissions, you can do it until then (5pm, Berlin time). Please note that you can each upload a maximum of 10 ideas. ;)

We then enter a Voting only phase of one week. There is so much great work to see and to learn from – take some time to vote – if not all, at least half. You won't be sorry. ;) Voting fair on jovoto is very important – [here]('s how.

After that we will have a Monitoring phase where the votes will be checked anyway for fairness. The unfair ones will be annulled.

Much love from Berlin, Diana

I'm amazed from all your wonderful works!!!

I can only wish you luck and thanks for sharing!

3 hours left to cast your votes. Now or never. ;)

Hugs from Berlin, Diana

Dear Creatives,

With great pleasure I would like to announce the 15 Community Awards Winners for this year's jovoto Portfolio Awards.

Here we go..

Place 15 goes to The Watercolor Patterns for Chelebi Furniture by Tyulkina. Gorgeous patterns!

Place 14 goes to Development of Front Panels by RK_341, an 'old' jovotan who surprises us with his new passion for.. facades. ;)

Place 13 goes to People of the "4 corners of our round world" by 0030athanasios. Stunning photographs!

Place 12 goes to The Summer Garden by Tyulkina. Beautiful flower illustration skills!

Place 11 goes to Floral Patterns for Madreperola by Julia Bianchi, for some exquisite textile illustrations & patterns. Julia is new to jovoto. Welcome! ;)

Place 10 goes to Concrete & Wood by javierchao. Congrats, Javier!

Place 9 goes to The Process of Madness by Andra Hilde Manescu, a new talent to jovoto. Welcome, and let's see more from you!

Place 8 goes to Sport Center by Corban Radu, what a great architectural piece!

Place 7 goes to Visitate by team ollanski & Cris Wigandt. ollanski was featured in our last year's Awards. So congrats for the new prize!

Place 6 goes to Tata, Artist Book by María Solias, thank you for bringing your grandma's special story to life.

Place 5 goes to The Watercolor Illustrations by Tyulkina. Triple congratulations!!

Place 4 goes to Rencontre aver le Maroc by G_Sasha, an 'old' jovotan, who keeps surprising us with new talents.

Place 3 goes to Part II by Sheilacowhead. Bravo!

Place 2 goes to Pepsi Homemade by team ollanski & Cris Wigandt. Double congratulations! ;)

Place 1 goes to Love is Cupid by Sheilacowhead. Great characters! Double congratulations!;)

With the same pleasure I would like to thank everyone who has participated for taking the time to share with us their work and to inspire our mind into new, beautiful directions. I also want to congratulate the new badge owners and the new jovoto Pros. I cannot wait to see your talent at work in the jovoto private layer.

And, last but not least, it is always a delight to see submissions from the jovotans who have already been a long time with us. Thank you!

Next - we will announce the two Jury Choices. Exciting!! Stay tuned..


This is a trick! shame you Jovoto!

Hey Jhnny, How come you think this is a trick? All winners really receive the payment stated in the brief above. Could you fill me in? Thanks, Jess

Dear Jovotans Congratulations !!! Great work! It was a delight to be a part of the project and to see all the creative works! Congrats once again!!!

Congrats! Great ideas.

Super congrats!!!!! A lot of outstanding work here!!!!!

Congrats, everyone!! So happy to be in the group. Huge hugs from Venezuela.

Any news regarding the Jury Prizes?

Hi Tudor,

We've just announced them. Please take a look at my post below.

Cheers, Diana

Dear Creatives of the World,

The Jury has decided. The two Jury Choices for this year's Portfolio Awards are:

Anarchy in the City by Ana Rita RamosPepsi Homemade by ollanski and Cris Wiegandt

What made them stand out to the Jury? Find out here.

It's been an immense pleasure to be part of this. Thank you for participating! And I am already about next year's Portfolio Awards.:)

All the best from Berlin, Diana