Paper craft stop motion animation.


For this project Ollanski and Cris Wiegandt were approached by Berlin based start-up VISITATE who is developing a smart ticketing app. They wanted us to create 3 films that visualize the function of the app from 3 different end user point of views. Certain aspects in the story telling were fixed and decided upon already before we started like for instance the names of the characters or the color scheme.

Explain how and why you created this work. Was it for a specific brief, etc.?

Ollanski pretty much came up with the concept of creating pop-up „books“/scenes for the videos because there was so much going on in the films that the client wanted to show that i thought by introducing such limitations as a pop-up book would have we could quickly and concisely tell those stories with the time limitations we were faced with (because of course #deadlines). Cris created the flat characters to accompany my concept and anmiated everthing beautifully.

What were you trying to express?

This is the first time i created pop-up scenes and it was quite a challenge. But good one. We went for this concept because it was the quickest to execute and the most cohesive.

Is it 100% your original work?

Directed by Cris Wiegandt Paper Craft & Art Direction: Ollanski
Creative Direction: Ollanski and Cris Wiegandt Script: Karl Eccleston Characters & Animation: Cris Wiegandt Post Production: Iara Guedes Sound Design: Gerd Böttler Voice Over: Steve Taylor Produced by Cosmopola (Barbi Mlczoch)