“Awareness pathway through nature”
The awareness pathway is an adventure walk for young and old people, with a lot playfull elements to provoke a direct contact with nature through body-awareness.


In our society the basic needs of our body to be active, to move, run, jump and balans is very much repressed. Children have to sit quiet in the schoolbanks and don’t get there information through bodyfeedback. The awareness pathway through nature is a process from about 3 till 5 Km. long with certain elements, who invite the participants to be totaly awake in their body. No daydreaming, no thinking acts, no discussions, no leftbrain activities, just beying totaly in the moment in full awareness and in full body-contact . I made desighs for about 40 different elements for this pathway and I feel that the moment is ripe to build and realise this project, so that thousands of people can experience this direct contact with nature within themself. See more of the project. http://www.totalartoasis.net/downloads/awarenesspathwaythrough_nature.pdf

Explain how and why you created this work. Was it for a specific brief, etc.?

“Awareness pathway through nature” is a project of the Total Art School in france . ( http://www.totalartoasis.net/totalartschool.html ) On the pathway there are many artworks to make the walk more playfull. The artworks look very organic and fit to nature.

What were you trying to express?

I provoke families to walk through the pathway to come in contact with nature and there body-awareness in a playfull and adventures way.

Is it 100% your original work?

The idea and the design are my own work.