Green furniture.
International design competition.


Green furniture is a set of armchairs and table with plants, growing within them. The main idea of the design is to unite artificial furniture with natural plants. This makes furniture more sensitive to environment, reduces carbon emissions and creates atmosphere for relaxation. Thereby armchairs and table begin interact with nature becoming a part of it and creating natural environment. As well green furniture performs at once two functions: furniture and pot for plants and can serve as indoor furniture and outdoor furniture. Product category of the green furniture is resort, hotel hospitality, garden furniture. Material of the product design is rotational molding of polyethylene (both armchairs and table). Manufacturing technology of the product can be divided into 4 stages: loading a certain amount of polymeric material into the form; molding of the product; cooling of the product; removing product from the form. The main role among materials for rotational molding plays polyethylene. This material allows use various painting colors for different products also.

Explain how and why you created this work. Was it for a specific brief, etc.?

The project has been realized to take part to the TIFF AWARD (leisure & style) international design competition.

What were you trying to express?

This project has been realized to demonstrate such opportunity in furniture disign like combining furniture with natural plants. And how it can be used in public places.

Is it 100% your original work?


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