Natura Ekos (concept)
Cosmetic range sustainable packaging in Brazil


Natura is a cosmetic industry from Brazil which works with high standards of sustainabily in its entire production process. Brazil’s culture and nature are sources of inspiration, and EKOS is the brand that carries most of its values. There are hundreds of different products, all made with ingredients directly sourced from communities that live mostly in Amazonia region. The communities are trained and equipped by Natura to source sustainably the most diverse natural extracts. This line is also the focus of research on more sustainable packaging, and this project involved adopting the most suitable soluons in terms of generating less residue and counting on the existing recycling chain of Brazil. The forms were inspired by the bottles of popular markets in North Brazil, in which many local vendors sell potions and artesanal medicines, spices, etc. It conveys the archetype of bottles but in a more contemporary, milimalistic approach. All products are refillable. For the materials, the adoption of a 100% postconsumption PET resin without the use of pigments is a huge step for the brand and the brazilian cosmetics and recycling market. A sleeve label made of PET simplifies the sorting process and eliminates glue residues: also helps to maintain visual consistency, especially because recycled PET bottles can have different colors depending on its resin batches, and this inconsistency is most visible at the neck area. The transparent section at the end of the bottle let the consumer see its contents. Items that have a longer lifespan, like fragrances and hand soaps receive packaging made of recycled glass whout the use of pigments as well.

Explain how and why you created this work. Was it for a specific brief, etc.?

Yes, it was a commercial brief, that unfortunately got cancelled after three years of work =/

What were you trying to express?

Exuberance and variety of amazonian ingredients for skincare, brazilian visual expression, sophistication.

Is it 100% your original work?

Illustrations are from the graphic design team at Tátil Design. Product design ad specifications are mine. This project was made between 2013 and 2015.

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