Concept bicycle design inspired with the love about Jordan brand.


3D concept design of a bike for all the people who love basketball and all the fans of Michael Jordan and his Jordan brand.

Explain how and why you created this work. Was it for a specific brief, etc.?

As a designer and creative thinker who also love basketball and Jordan brand, I've just decided to make this concept product design for fun and just to visualize the idea that I had for a while.

What were you trying to express?

I just wanted to create a cool bike that would be very recognizable on a first look as a Michael Jordan bike with a Jumpman logo wheels, #23 frame, Bulls horns, etc. The project was featured on Behance and The Ultimate Michael Jordan Fanpage and the reactions were great all over the world.

Is it 100% your original work?

This is 100% my own original idea and work.