My love, i will eat you alive
Little bird ( 15x17x9 cm ) made of micro crochet feathers and some beading


Bird, birdie Folklore, mythology, poetry, fantasy, film and minds What? For whom? Why? Bird of happiness, freedom of speech or revival? i gonna invent a new species of birds, which is better, which brings peace, articulation, through the world to your home and to your wardrobe, and you can be Mis / Mister beauty queen of World. The bird will sing songs, that you teach you to sing. Each of feathers tells fairy tales, endlessly teach to love, enjoy and understand. He is your man, woman and child. Wings and flies away to heaven, to the dungeons. Understand why? and to whom? and how?

Explain how and why you created this work. Was it for a specific brief, etc.?

It's new object that will transforme into my new jewelry colection

What were you trying to express?


Is it 100% your original work?

Yes, 100% my idea