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Welcome to the jovoto Portfolio Awards 2016!

jovoto was created so you don’t have to climb the ladder of traditional creative work environments or wait for the spotlight to find you for your work to be recognised. Last year's Portfolio Awards were such a success, once again we’d like to invite you to submit your best work.

Task Definition

Submit your most inspiring and impressive work to gain feedback, attention, and the recognition you deserve. Provide a short summary or some background information about your work.

Graphic Design, Branding, Campaigns, Industrial Design, Product Design, Service Design, Illustration, Architecture, and beyond – ALL creative fields are welcome!


Inspire us and the jovoto community with your best work. Connect with other talented professionals and get recognition for your work. All outstanding creatives will be directly invited to the jovoto private layer.

Once a member of the private layer, you gain access to even more projects on jovoto with top global brands such as Audi, Victorinox, Coca Cola, Deutsche Bank, Greenpeace, and Unicef. As a part of the private layer of jovoto, you also have the opportunity to participate in our Pink projects where creatives work in a curated group and receive a fixed payment.


The two most inspiring ideas selected by our Jury will be awarded 500 euro each. The top 15 ideas, rated by our community, will be rewarded with 100 euro

We’re excited to see your best and most inspirational work!

Project Jury

Awarded ideas