Meal Kit - Unlimited Edition
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When you are obliged to stay at home for long periods; there is no need for shortcuts to save time. With the availability of extra hours and more persons in the house; activities that consume more time is what is required at this stage.

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about home is food or cooking. Forget the ten minutes recipes and microwave, and remember mothers and grandmothers who used to spend long hours in the kitchen to prepare a delicious meal for the whole family.


Nowadays, most kitchens are well equipped to prepare fast food not for cooking real meals. They are no longer crowded with cans or jars stacked on the shelves that help you prepare a full meal when you need it. That is why the meal kit service is provided by specialized suppliers with all ingredients and instructions with no waste of components or shopping time.

But it is not without some drawbacks..

  • Shortage of coverage.
  • Long delivery time.
  • High prices.
  • Limited recipes.


My idea is an application that allows the participation of the largest possible number of food stores to form a huge network of suppliers to cover all the city's neighborhoods.

The application is not fixed to a certain menu or a limited number of recipes, but allows the user to choose the desired recipe published in any website on the Internet so that its ingredients are provided from a nearby supplier and delivered to his/her house at the fastest time with the best price.

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How it works

1- The app allowed 2 types of subscription.. supplier / customer. Information needed from both types must include country, city, neighborhood, street address and phone number.

2- The customer searches the web for the required recipe and copies its link.

3- The customer pastes the recipe link into the app and specifies the number of persons to whom the meal is served and the required delivery time.

4- All suppliers near this customer will be notified immediately of the new order via the app.

5- each Interested supplier will prepare a full detailed invoice containing all ingredients mentioned in the recipe and send it to the customer account in the app and he will be notified immediately.

6- The customer compares invoices received from the different suppliers and chooses the most appropriate offer in terms of quality, price, delivery time and supplier rating in the app.

7- The customer determines the payment method (cash on delivery / electronic payment).

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