E-Social party
An electronic party to transform our problems during pandemic periods.

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During the pandemic period some difficulties were experienced in the fields of case reporting, counting, treatment and many other aspects worldwide. Such problems could have been better faced with powerful social authorities.


With reference to the fact that people are losing the trust in some of the normal political parties. It seems that we need to formulate some powerful entities to facilitate facing pandemic social symptoms.


In the age of coronaviruses, we need a digital political party to bring our problems to the world. And as Samuel Huntington said in his famous book (The Clash of Civilizations) : "we need to consolidate the true value of globalization". We think that this can be done through the establishment of electronic social links in the societies in the form of internet parties. It is believed that we can use blockchain for electronic voting, reporting, and data collection.

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The American thinker “Chomsky” considered this pandemic to represent another colossal failure of the neoliberal version of capitalism. He made a call for new global regimes to face the neoliberal hummer.

Hence, the idea of the E-social democracy gives a spot light at the end of the tunnel.

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