Adm2Av. – Admit Opinions and Habits to Avoid Pandemic
Accepting correct opinions, habits, and acts of others can help in avoiding pandemic waves.

Other (Scientists, Thinking Leaders, and Media)


The current pandemic wave proved the division of our world into two big clusters including: 1) Countries with low infection rates, and 2) Countries with high infection rates. What is the probable interpretation for such a difference? And how can we avoid such great pandemic waves?


Several attempts were made to answer such questions. One study indicated a relation between the BCG vaccine and the Covid-19 infection and death (source 1). Take a look at the map showing different policies with respect of BCG vaccine (source 2) which reflects infection rates of the Covid-19 to some extent. Medical protection guidelines helped a lot in the protection of people. However, such guidelines are known long ago historically (e.g. the commandments of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, source 3).


My idea is based on the principle that the acceptance of other opinions, habits, and acts can help us to avoid infection and disorder. Scientific policies in vaccination are to be revised. Washing acts of Muslims for Prayer are to be studied towards building good protection habits. Prophet Muhammad’s directions in epidemic cases are to be reviewed.

I think that such admittance of other ideas in various sides of life can improve a lot of our short stay on this Earth.

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Looking at the opinion of the American thinker "Chomsky" who considered the coronavirus pandemic as a colossal failure of the neoliberal version of capitalism, one can visualize a political effect of the pandemic period.

This introduces another field of activities that should be admitted. Geopolitical situations need us to look for new political regimes to replace the neoliberal hummer according to Chomsky to save mankind.