Web & Mobile App Solution that provides mental health support during pandemic lockdown

Other (Male/Female, 20 years +, living under isolation conditions)


During isolation periods, people experience depression due to anxiety of catching the disease, loss of jobs, stress on the family, which can lead to domestic violence, & an increase in suicide rates for those who live alone.

Depression also weakens the immune system, & people become susceptible to other illnesses which may require attention from hospitals. However, victims become trapped because hospitals are the last place they will want to visit during an epidemic.


There is a need for a system for managing the mental health of people under lockdown through the different phases of a pandemic, including during and after a pandemic.

  1. during the lockdown period: to help people deal with the ongoing stress caused by being isolated at home.

  2. After the lockdown is lifted: to help people readjust in the post-pandemic period, by dealing with the anxieties built around the fear of crowds.


A web service and mobile app solution where people living in isolation can receive online mental health therapy in-order-to cope better with the stress caused by a pandemic.

Services included are 1-on-1 therapy sessions, an online survival course that supports people through the pandemic, and support community group sessions where members can unburden the weight being carried by sharing their experiences and get recovery support from local community group sponsors.

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Poster encouraging people expressing depression to reach out during the lockdown

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User interface demonstrating video conference calls delivering therapy via the mind bubble Mobile App.

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Poster encouraging people not to face depression alone

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These services would be packaged in a 90-day calendar program built around optimizing the mental health of participants during the lockdown caused by a pandemic,

which can be extended based on the length of the pandemic. The service will also be available after the lockdown period to support people in readjusting to society in the post-pandemic period.

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