Retail ergonomics
Retail sector and selection of food in aisles and the ergonomics of stores like foodmart

Other (Retail, fmcg, wholesalers)


The issue of customers having to wear face masks and gloves when going shooping whether its in the malls; wholesalers; retailers or deli shops.


There is need for people to have easy access to face masks n gloves. I see a huge problem within the retail sector especially in malls and all shops and stores within malls for example Dubai Mall were many people visited daily and made choices for products be it groceries; clothes; gadgets and fast food outlets were people used to meet and converse. This applies also to cinema places as well.


The development of new vending machines were every customer can buy gloves as well as face masks to wear when going into shops or malls. So companies that manufacture these vending machines have to design new ones that dispense face masks and gloves. Orders n payments are done via voice command or QR code via smart phone. no touchscreens or buttons.there is need for a disinfecting faucet next to the vending machine though.