Car Covid detection
Introduction of scanners in Cars especially taxis, delivery trucks and haulage trucks

Other (This could help haulage truck companies; taxi companies; delivery vehicles etc Basically the logistics sector comcentrated on road especially the ones with smaller room space for scanning.)


Forsee a problem of people not feeling comfortable in using taxis or the ride sharing vehicles like uber; lyft etc. Also this could be a problem for organisations who have pool vehicles used by their staff such as delivery trucks, salesman vans etc


Need to have scanners within cars especially company pool cars used by several different individuals such as vansales cars; taxis; haulage trucks etc


The technology currently being used to screen can b utilised within the car. It has to b place on the inner roof ceiling of the car 45 degree directly above each passenger seat and then connecting to the computer screen most cars have now. This tech can scan people for the covid virus n assistance can b rendered to them. The tech currently used does not require much power and can utilise the car battery.

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