Online hospital
A lot of people getting sick not only with COVID 19

Other (all people who use internet)


People getting sick every day, some diseases is not so terrible, some of them need instant help. Not every people choose go to hospital with coughing or cold, but it could be something deeper than it seems. For instance, I'd rather go to the pharmacy and take some pills, instead waiting in a line in hospital.


Those people, lose qualified conclusion about their health problems, prefer their own knowledge instead of professional. It could lead to wrong decisions with a buying pill which is a serious issue.


On line service of hospital could give instant advice about health care, based on your symptoms and overviews through the camera. In critical situations, people forget anything about their knowledges about first aid. Doctor who is far from you is better than nothing, he or she can give a qualified advice about current problem. Also doctor could wright a list of drugs. What is right to do while you are waiting for the ambulance, could save a life and this service can help.