Intelligent air purification and sanitation system

Other (Men and women between 35 and 65 years old, medium / high socioeconomic level, with children or grandchildren under 12 years old.)


Currently, malls, theatres etc are closed to prevent the spread of the virus. In these large areas, many people tend to the crowd and not being able to keep the appropriate social distance. Thanks to the COVID-19 citizens have learned how dangerous the crowding of people in closed places can be. In other words, from now on customers will avoid massively crowded places unless, of course, adequate safety measures are guaranteed for their health.


Once the end of the pandemic has been declared and all activities have returned to normal, those responsible for large commercial and entertainment areas should guarantee clients and authorities the perfect health of their establishments, to obtain their trust and confidence and keep your activities growing.


AIra is an intelligent air purification and sanitation system for large surfaces. This system uses artificial intelligence to monitor the air purity level according to the number of people who walk through the establishment. Likewise, by means of intelligent spectrometers, it identifies virus, bacteria and fungal molecules and then takes immediate actions, such as sanitizing the environment with compounds that are harmless to humans but lethal for these microorganisms.

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