A state wide method of distant online education for the future of our children.

Other (Children, 3-18 years, eager to continue their level of education)


Having children of my own during the time of lockdown, it became quite apparent how unorganised the education systems are in Germany when it comes to organising, preparing, delivering and providing support for the education of my own children. I have a 10 year old in her first year of high school and a 6 year old in her final year of kindergarten (pre school).

Not only that, there's no one method that is universal within the DE education system. This should be highly addressed.


To build an online white label platform that is controlled by the country specific education system and is competent with the state education curriculum to ensure our children maintain a strong level of education.

On top of this it should be free to ensure that education and people are not discriminated against in any way. Schooling might never be the same again, but if we do return to normal, the platform can still be used for homework and extra curriculum.


To build a platform designed to serve as a space where teachers, educators and parents can have new ways of learning through play and creative tools that foster a country wide curriculum that ties in with official school work.

In addition to the video lessons, the platform will make available all planned resources and functionalities including play-based learning activities developed by educators through multiple and continuous educational training.

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