E-commerce of pharmaceutical products during this pandemic
we will use the blockchain

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People really want to have their medications online, but they fear the confidentiality of their data


blockchain is a secure database can manage the distribution of medications between pharmacists and people by secretly transmitting medical prescriptions


simply make a request in the web application for taking your medications . and we will anonymize the pharmaceutical product so that distributors do not know the product distributed (by independent delivery). and thanks to the blockchain your prescription will be protected

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anonymize delivery by another product after verification of medical prescriptions

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The verification of medical prescriptions is done by Blockchain technology

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Blockchain in Healthcare==> Blockchain will also play an important role in the medical field with storing, maintenance and easy verification of medical records. Doctors and medical professionals can access the medical history of patients easily, verify them and administer appropriate treatment. This technology will hugely benefit the healthcare industry, as much as it benefits the BFSI and education sectors.

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