An app to give a concrete help to people in your neighborhood.

Other (Male, female 20-50 and Male, female over 65)


The target group is mainly the elderly, but also for people in need, who find themselves locked indoors as they are very much at risk of infection with the coronavirus.


In times of crisis, such as the one we are experiencing, older people or people with special needs (such as people with pre-existing problems) need more help, since they cannot leave their homes. These people lack the possibility to buy their own food and also often lack the social life due to the restrictions imposed by the virus. My aim is to help these people by re-establishing a sense of community in the neighborhood, reducing the risk of contagion and helping with daily commissions.


Through the Angie app, everyone can become little guardian angels for someone, through a map you can see which one is available for shopping or even just for a chat or even in case of emergency. The elder can create a list of his favorite guardian angels and give them a small reward.

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Older people or people with special needs need more help, because they cannot leave home.These people lack the opportunity to buy for themselves and, furthermore, social and family life is often lacking due to the restrictions imposed by the virus.

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This is to create a sense of community and mutual help that can continue not only virtually.

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