Place a sticker on food items that you wish to donate to people in need

Other (Anyone who wishes to donate )


COVID-19 has resulted in low-income people who have lost their jobs from struggling to make ends meet. These people are facing problems such as: 1) starvation - not having food to eat 2) lack of food - not have enough food to eat 3) unhealthy food - not have enough or proper food to eat means that they are less healthy and are more susceptible to falling sick.

In some areas there are no food banks or there is a strain on existing food bank.


There needs to be a quick and simple way for people to help those in need with ways other than monetary donations.

An person who does grocery shopping should be able to make any amount of donation with limited barrier.

Donating food items while doing grocery shopping provides an immediate and requires low-cognitive effort for people to help those in need by donating.


People when they are doing their grocery shopping can choose to paste stickers on food items they wish to donate.

During checkout, after payment, the cashier would separate those items with the sticker pasted on it and place it aside.

At the end of each day, these collected items would be given to a food bank or distributed to people in need.

Stickers can be found around the supermarket and even at the cashier desk.

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people can paste stickers on food items they wish to donate

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At the checkout, the cashier would separate those items with stickers from those without stickers. The one without stickers people can take it home with them. The one with stickers the cashier would keep it aside in the store.

At the end of the day all the collected items would be donated.

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Few ways to ensure that necessary food stuffs are donated:

1) Place the stack/roll of stickers near 'necessary foodstuffs' sections to gently indicate to people that the stickers should be pasted on these food items.

2) These stack/roll of stickers can be accompanied with a simple set of instructions that suggest people on the types/categories of food items that are necessary.

3) Cashiers at checkout can advice/suggest people to change their sticker placement if too many stickers are placed on 'not necessary foodstuffs'.

Also i feel that candies and other 'not necessary foodstuffs' are bad when consumed in large quantities, so it is important to check the quantity of these items when donating. This is because the joy it will bring to children when they receive a candy is also important point of view to consider.