Co-shopper - Reduce dependency on delivery folks
An app that will let you know if your neighbor or friend is going out on shopping or is near a shop.

Other (Old people, millennials)


Heavy dependency on delivery personnel for delivering goods after corona virus outbreak since people don't want to go out. Companies are struggling to deliver goods to customer with huge delays & left with disappointed customers. People are also ordering small goods like 1 pack of milk online which is a perishable good that needs immediate delivery and profit margin on these products are also very less or in loss.


Reduce the dependency on online delivery folks for small volume purchases like 2 litres of milk by helping economy that is with the help of neighbors, relatives, friends etc. It will also reduce the lead time especially for perishable goods like milk. This will reduce crowd in shops & supermarkets, there is no point for a big supermarket to have a person coming in person to buy just 2 litres of milk.


My idea proposes for a helping economy where your neighbor can help you with shopping if they are planning to go out on shopping or is outside, near a shop, using an app you can add your neighbor and request for a purchase request with neighbor and pay online. The helper will get rewarded by the customer and the store that they have helped deliver the product.