Crowdfree shopping kart
A self checkout shopping kart, where users can scan products directly, without waiting.

Other (Offline shoppers, working people, house wives)


When social distancing is practiced it will slowdown a lot of things, for example shopping in a super market, there will be long queues at billing counter and people will hesitate to have an interaction with customer representatives as maintaining social distancing will be more important to them.


We need a self checkout shopping kart that can solve the problem of social distancing, fasten up the billing process and also avoid theft or misuse of self billing practice.


My idea proposes for an innovative shopping kart in supermarket which can be used to scan products on the go and it will be added to the bill. The actual weight of goods is measured in the shopping kart and the weight of the purchased goods is estimated during scanning, at the exit the actual weight of goods should approximately match the estimated weight of scanned products.

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