Reward coupons for social distancing
An app that detect bluetooth proximity of shoppers & detect best hygiene practices to reward them.

Other (millennials)


Once the lockdown ends people are going to rush into shops & malls, it will be difficult for shops & supermarkets to put a control on people and promote best hygiene practices, recently there was a news "Pennsylvania supermarket says it had to throw out tens of thousands of dollars worth of food after a woman purposely coughed on items across the store". So best hygiene practices are very important so gamification & reward of it is great option.


Bringing gamification & incentivization to consumers should encourage people to practice best hygiene practices & social distancing in public. Brands will reward the customers with discount coupons for following these, in return they get a safer crowd in their shops who are more responsible, follow rules and best hygiene practices. This will ensure even those customers who were scared to visit the shops due to pandemic scare will visit the shop in person since people act responsibly.


My idea proposes for an app for customers that visit the shops, supermarkets & shopping malls which detects the bluetooth proximity of the phones to identify crowded areas, users gets rewarded for avoiding crowded areas, for following best hygiene practices, visiting shops during non-peak hours, wearing masks,using sanitizers and all, it can be checked by scanning a QR code placed on the hand sanitizer in the entrance of the shop, in this way it will remind customers to use hand sanitizer.