Playful sanitizer for kids - Bubble sanitizer
Touch free playful hand sanitizer toy to encourage kids to wash their hands & maintain best hygiene.

Other (Kids, teens)


Moms know it better that, convincing kids to wash their hands regularly is not that easy. Kids comes across some of the most dangerous pathogens since they explore their curiosity and end up exploring things, carrying harmful pathogens in their hands which is dangerous for them or for others. So when kids go out, they end up spreading these germs. Since kids don't have serious knowledge about safe hygiene we won't be surprised if any child sneezes and makes a mess out of it!


There is no particular hand sanitizers that blows out bubbles for kids in the market only traditional touch free sanitizers which is not attractive enough for kids to encourage them to use it. So there is definitely scope for innovation here.


An interesting hand sanitizer for kids which encourages them to sanitize their hands regularly since it is playful using bubbles. The hand sanitizer blows out bubbles when hand is placed infront of it, it will only give a limited amount of bubbles in a time duration or at a time to avoid overuse.This can be placed in shops & shopping malls encouraging kids also to try it out and be safe.