Assembled disinfection room
You can assemble your own ultraviolet disinfection room

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During the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, we wore masks and often washed our hands, but we did not know whether we carried viruses on our clothing. When we returned home, these viruses were carried by our families and threatened other members. For example, if your family helps you do the laundry, you may touch the virus on the clothing hat.


So we need a convenient way to disinfect the whole body before returning home.


I designed a detachable ultraviolet disinfection room. The frame is an aluminum tube, which can be plugged in. The outside is covered with a PVC transparent plastic curtain. The ultraviolet lamp is installed on the shelf. When you go home to the door, enter the ultraviolet disinfection room first, and then you can easily kill most of the viruses that are stuck on clothing, shoes and hats.

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The design does not need to destroy any wall or door structure, and installs independently.

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The UV lamp can be switched on and off and turned on before entering the door. Usually in the off state.

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Plug and connect with aluminum tube, convenient and safe. When the epidemic is over, it can also be quickly disassembled for easy storage.

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Suitable for most families. It can be installed by yourself for security and epidemic prevention. It is a low-cost and effective design.